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List of legit websites that you should join free, invest time and earn a living. Invest money, time and refer friends has 100x chances of getting fat cheques than you`ll ever imagine.  I designed 4-8 hours of work for you divided into 12 sites and assure you a continuous daily income from $8 to $100++. It`s your call if your earnings from tedious work on free membership are invested to upgrade. Friendly reminder, You can`t be rich in free membership unless you invested on it.
Okay, Let`s do the work and simple math.
Free Websites  Time Alloc   Description  Daily Income   Other Income   Monthly Income
Clicksense  30mins 1 hour  PTC, Task, Survey  $0.50 - $10*  + Referral % unli   $30-$300/mo
Neobux/Figure8  30mins 1 hour  PTC, Task, Survey  $0.60 - $10*  + Referral % unli   $30-$300/mo
WestlandStorage  30 min  copy & share daily  $1 - $100  + Referral % unli   $30-$3000/mo
Treasure Trooper  30 min  PTC,GPT  $1-$15  + Referral % unli   $30-$200/mo
Coinph  30 min  eload, cryptotrade  $2-$10  + Referral % unli   $60-$400/mo
SuperPay Survey  1 hour  Global Survey  $1-$50  + Referral % unli   $30-$1500/mo
Coinbase  30 min  Referring/Guiding  $0-$10  + Referral % unli   $30-$300/mo
Coin Payment
 30 min
 Reselling Services  $0-$10  + Referral % unli   $30-$300/mo
YomeCoins  10 min  Faucet Auto Mining  $1-$10  + Referral % unli   $30-$300/mo
YomeSatoshi  10 min
 Cloud Auto Mining
 $1-$10  + Referral % unli   $30-$300/mo
Pick & Profit  1 hour   30 days tasks  $2-$10  + Referral % unli   $30-$500/mo
Total  8 hours    $10.10  min/day     $360.00 /mo min.
How to make your 8 hours a day`s work rewarding and efficient.
No destruction from other people or events. Set up a mini working area where you can work alone. 
Good working PC + back-up Phone and reliable internet/wifi is your best work companion.
Add $50 reserve fund in your e-wallet just in case. You`ll enjoy using it in Crypto or Forex trade. 
Always Prepare new PNGs for posting on social media for free. Referrals are the source of good money.
 Make a list of Websites you should join Free or with low fees for ad campaign. 
Free websites encourage members to upgrade to get the whole share, not a penny. Grab it.
 Always monitor your development in terms of output and campaign result.
 Save cash for reinvestment every quarter of the year. Retire in 5 years with 7 figures in cash.
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