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Online business is very wide in terms of scope, applications and advanced sciences. As a newbie or intermediate online marketer, or maybe a Firstimer in this business, I want to let you know that the most basic approach has the edge to be successful in terms of effectiveness and speed. 

Ignore all the sciences in the Internet as it won`t help you in general. Acquired the skills and knowhow`s one at a time. Newbies are prone to "grab it all" mentality which leads to more frustrations and headaches. Why is it so? simply because of getting too much informations that overload the brain. The result is frustrations leading to abandonment of a very good project.

Is that you? Well, I myself have failed so many times because of several attempts to became an overnight genius. Don`t ever copy ME.  I want you to PASTE in your head that "too much load is too heavy to carry". You can`t go anywhere for months, even years.

To start , or re-start your online business, you must have Passion in your work and willing to undergo self-training on a slow but sure ladderized steps. Make a records of all the informations that you`ve gathered for reviews and actualization purposes. Do you know how to paint a picture?  They are always into perfection on details.

Some Gurus will advice you to master their lessons for 24 hours because it is claimed as very simple to understand. That`s true, and in fact 99% of students failed because only the Guru understand the ways and techniques. These Gurus may not fully understand that perfection can`t be achieved overnight. If you find that Guru in your next webinar attendance, please give him a knife so he understand what knife and human brain are in common. Hey, I am NOT telling you to threaten the good Guru !! Knife, like human brain is sharpened over and over, not once, not twice. You`ve got my point, right?

You will be able to acquire perfection by repetition. That`s the KEY.

Forget the Guru for now. Let `s go back to basics.

I`d like to inform you that this articles has 7 more sub-articles that you must read for 7 days. After that you are ready to face the world of online business,

The topics that will be taken up are the following:

1. Business Planning - including self motivation.

2. Acquiring self help Articles based on business plan. Send me  email so before I send you lesson # 2. I  should know your type of business or niche so I will insert additional training materials base on your plan.

3. How to get capital for your own project. ( The word "Fre.e didnt exist in the web, do you agree?)

4. Effective Implementation of the Business Plan. (The Checklist will start from the bottom ,, or the first step.No over the fence application, please!)

5. Creating your own page : How to create beautiful page for online store and facebook? Again, Im telling you it isnt free at all, but you can rent or buy lowest price website from me. Tip, start with a facebook page. Its Free, but if you want your page looks like ebay, then ask me to send you a program to make it happen for the price of a full breakfast. Then upgrade to a full website that define YOU, as a talented and well-rounded marketer.

6. Select the best affiliate programs. Refer to my list often as I know, they have a good reputations in all aspects.Guaranteed 100%.

7. Unleased your webpage to the internet. Your Business is now officially  live. 

The second level is coming up. ( but you can opt-out)

8, 9 to 22nd Articles will be sent everyday in your email after your 7 days learning experience have been completed. That`s 30 days step in the ladder program. Some materials are thinkings of the most influential and powerful billionaires in our field. Dont missed it.

And I am asking for only the price of your breakfast meal. Remember me everytime you`re having a breakfast after 7 itchy days. 

That`s all for this day. I hope you enjoy reading the introduction to online business.

See you in your first day.


Oliver Key


If you find this website your business buddy in the future, please donate any amount for the release of 7 articles and training videos. Those are priceless because I personally compiled and wrote it. 100% Pinoy.










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