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    YomeSatoshi is not a Bitcoin currency name but a coin name of a group of bitcoin enthusiasts that  are referred by this channel to different BTC Investment websites by links.

    A number of visitors have decided to join a pool to raise certain flexible funding for both short and long term investments. To make transaction credible to everyone We decided to  make a 3 layers of invoices to assure everyone that  investments are secured and documented. Instead of wallet to wallet, All investments are processed electronically by Bank, Paypal, and Bitcoin Wallet.

    Members-Investors has no work to do except investing and monitoring monthly or bi-monthly profit updates. No selling, No recruiting, No Nonsense things, No data entry - just money on demand in  e-mail inboxes, messenger, telegram and whatsapp. 
     If you are newly arrived in this website, you will noticed that we offer both affiliate marketing and direct pool investments. In many cases of preferences some men want to work alone whatever the investments will be. On the other hand, some people choice pool options because they are not ready to jump to big profit by leap and bound. The third type of my referrals are skilled with bulky portfolio so they choice to sail alone after registering to selected BTC Mining sites. All men are welcome whatever their prefences are.
     The Yome Satoshi Investors has one advantage over the other type. First, They knew me directly or indirectly or by social media where group chat and forum are open to group members 24/7. Secondly, All YS investors are assured that their investments passed through 3 layer of invoices. Local Bank/Payment gateway, Paypal to YS Paypal, and Blockchain. The Payment will pass through reverse procedure to ensure that cash recievables will be in the hand of investor 48 hours after the contract due date clean and documented.
Pool Option             Share     Profit/ minute Contract Days ProfitBTC ProfitUsd     Value/Share
Option 1               1/10     0.0000005/min  100 days    0.072  $453.60       $ 12.00
Option 2               5/10     0.0000005/min   100 days     0.072 $453.60       $ 60.00
Option 3             10/10      0.0000005/min  100 days    0.072 $453.60       $ 120.00
Option 4 (VIPs)             10/10       0.0000100/min          100 days   1.440 $9,072.00       $ 3,150.00
BTC Investments
Payments using BTC are requested to send email before I give details of YS-Wallet.
The actual contract duration is 3 months, 6 months,12 months and 24 months. No one are allowed to withdraw investment except in instances that BTC has dropped its value for 15 consecutive days, the whole investment will be return to the investors and that is the sign that contract are terminated at once to avoid loss for all parties. If in any case, the member decided to withdraw , any member of the pool may be asked to buyout share with no increments.The increments will be transferred to the new account. The website owner as a broker/admin for the investment will deduct 20 Percent from each investment proceeds.
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Online business is very wide in terms of scope, applications and advanced sciences. As a newbie or intermediate online marketer, or maybe a Firstimer in this business, I want to let you know that the most basic approach has the edge to be successful in terms of effectiveness and speed. 

Ignore all the sciences in the Internet as it won`t help you in general. Acquired the skills and knowhow`s one at a time. Newbies are prone to "grab it all" mentality which leads to more frustrations and headaches. Why is it so? simply because of getting too much informations that overload the brain. The result is frustrations leading to abandonment of a very good project.

Is that you? Well, I myself have failed so many times because of several attempts to became an overnight genius. Don`t ever copy ME.  I want you to PASTE in your head that "too much load is too heavy to carry". You can`t go anywhere for months, even years.

To start your online business, you must have Passion in your work and willing to undergo self-training on a slow but sure ladderized steps. Make a records of all the informations that you`ve gathered for reviews and actualization purposes. Do you know how to paint a picture?  They are always into perfection on details.


Goodluck !! 



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